Inlaid period monochromatic cement flooring still being made today
Pavimenti Tomasello reintroduced the production of antique style the production of antique style floor tiles more than eight years ago. This type of inland flooring, in vogue between 1860 and 1930, adopted the colours and designs typical of the Liberty (art nouveau) an Deco styles. Its widespread use among middle and high society was due to the cromatic richness, the variety of decorative motifs and to the versatily of basic simple graphic patterns which make possible the creations of many different designs. Improvements in materials and manufacturing process now make it possible to produce tiles of a costantly high quality and a polishable surface whilst, at the same time, maintaing the original characteristics. The elastic nature, moreover, make the tiles compatible also with parquet and ceramic flooring thus highlighting the cromatic variations and the general composition. The possibility of reproducing any type of decorative motif is ideal not only for creating new project but it also meets the present trend aimed at the restoration of old buildings. In fact, this type of product is suitable when restoring or reviving old flooring is required.


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