"Seminato alla Veneziana"

For some years, the revaluation of the Liberty style has brought to the attention of technicians in the construction industry the thematic links of reflooring old buildings, objects of restoration, and the experimentation in various types of flooring, for resistance and aesthetic impact, of current ones. Flooring in Seminato alla Veneziana is one of the new proposals. First used in ancient Hellenistic Greece, this flooring surface was applied successfully in later centuries up to its maximum splendour during the Byzantine period. It was then enriched and tecnologically improved during the late Renaissance, above all in Venice that gave the product its present name. Thanks to the laying tecnique and to its chromatic affects Seminato alla Veneziana can be adapted to any type of building and can be enriched with decorative mosaics of various degrees of elaboration. The search for new and refined tecnical solutions has ancouraged Pavimenti Tomasello to repropose this type of flooring to resolve also the problems of aesthetic and functional compatibility linked to modern pubblic and private construction. Among the advantages of our Seminato alla Veneziana is the possibility to personalise the floor surface with chromatic and decorative affects responding to customer and designers needs. Infact, this aspect, which is often neglected in modern construction, can be happily resolved only by using flooring suitable for specific situation, resistant an tough, of high esthetical quality and replaceable. Thanks to decades of experience that characterise the company and to the tecnology to which it avails itself, Pavimenti Tomasello transforms simple marble chips into unique and unrepeatable works of art.
Flooring in Seminato alla Veneziana, Pastellone. Mazara del Vallo, S. Nicolo Regale (1124). Restored Between 1983 and 1990 by architect Marilù Balsamo. The original floor plan the Arab-Norman chruch was lost and new one of moderate and uniform grain has been designed to reflect the strong geometrical layount of the ground plan and the roof.
Flooring in Seminato alla Veneziana with decorative motifs in the work. Progetto Arch. Salvatore Lentini The need to enlarge the area was entrusted to a single floor motif (a tempoint star) extended to include also the minor planning details designed along the perimeter with mosaic tessera. The inner part was treated with coloured graniglie in the form of concentric shadings.


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